On March 4, Jessica Kilburn’s long awaited biography of Hennell ‘Thomas Hennell. The Land and the Mind’ is published by Pimpernel Press. It is a well researched, beautifully written book and an exquisite demonstration of Hennell’s gifts.

We’re also very proud to announce that, together with Bethlem Museum of the Mind, we will be staging a groundbreaking museum exhibition of Hennell’s work called ‘Landscapes of the Mind’. This will open online on March 4 to coincide with the publication of Jessica Kilburn’s beautiful new biography of the artist and will open to the public in April. Some of the works in the collection are already committed for a three month period to the Bethlem Exhibition but are nevertheless available for purchase. If you would like to view any of the works, please contact simfineart@btinternet.com or 07919 356150